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August 25, 2011 01:56PM
Several programs I use will let me do simple math (add a list of numbers) in the input area of the program. I would like you to consider that when you are upgrading the program in the future. For instance, when I am updating my chemical application, I may want to add or subtract quantities of a particluar chemical. When I am spraying my own fields, I may just fill a truckload and keep track of acres, splitting out the quanties later. For some reason when I get tickets from my custom applicator, they will have more than one line entry of the same chemical (for instance 2 quantities of Touchdown) that I have to add together. If you could either do the simple math in the entry area then hit the enter key to record OR have a calculator on an "F" key that would transfer the total to your entry that would go much better for me using a separate calculator.

data input

RebfarmsAugust 25, 2011 01:56PM

Re: data input

Kathy ClineAugust 25, 2011 03:01PM

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