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lime application

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September 01, 2009 05:47PM
I apologize up front. I know that this info is out there somewhere but I have searched for 45 minutes and can't seem to locate what I am looking for. We spread our own lime and I need to enter the field record for this application. If you want to spread it out over three years, what is the best way to go about doing this? Do I need to set up the enterprises for three years and divide the application into three separate records? All of the posts that I can find are either allocating through the purchase not the field record or clear back from 1997 and I didn't know if there was a different way of doing this since the software had been changed.


lime application

kcsmomSeptember 01, 2009 05:47PM

Re: lime application

Deb HurrawSeptember 01, 2009 09:36PM

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