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Small feature requests.

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August 19, 2009 03:37PM

Here are a couple thoughts for minor improvements that for the most part used to exist in the previous versions:

1. Be able to save the zoom level of the map with the save default layers command. Currently when the program is first loaded the zoom defaults to zoom all when I would like it to zoom the boundary layer. But it probably would be better to just save the current zoom level with the save default layers command. I have several extra counties of road and waterways loaded as default and the zoom all really slows the program down.

2. Also I would like to save the size of the left pane and lower pane with the save default layers command. Virtually every time I load the program I resize the panels and change the zoom so as to maximize the map. I thought it would be nice if these items were also included in the save default layers command.

3. With version 2009 the client portion of the program was made available that used to only exist in the Site Pro version. I appreciate have the feature available but would like more control over whether or not it is shown. With the client list showing in the left pane requires that the left pane be sized larger to view the information and again this reduces the size of the map. No problem if you are using the functionality, but if you are not, it is a waste of screen real estate. Also in the earlier versions of Site, I was able to manipulate the tree view showing farm, client, year, field, crop, layer, etc. I could reorder these properties and turn on or off the ones I wanted to see. I could set the tree view to show the field, year, crop or crop, year, field or any way that I wanted. I really miss this functionality with the new program.

4. In funds, if I edit or view a particular transaction in the account register, once I close either of those dialog boxes, the register scrolls to the first transaction in the register. I then have to search through the register looking for that transaction again. This is really bothersome and I believe it just started with version 2009. I would like the program to remain on the transaction being edited or viewed.

This is a major future feature requests for your consideration:

1. I would like to be able to have multiple tab containers as in left, bottom, right, and main; currently you have left, bottom and main; and be able to grab any of the tab headings and pull the tab to another tab container. Here is an example: Tab Docking Demo

2. In keeping with this same tab concept, I think it would be nice to have more of the dialog windows show up as tabs in the main tab container window. For example, the account register, the print preview windows, the report windows, the general ledger windows, the enterprise statement windows, etc. would all be additional tabs in the same tab container as the map, job and weather tabs.

I appreciate all of your efforts. Keep up the hard work.


Small feature requests.

Marty VistoAugust 19, 2009 03:37PM

Re: Small feature requests.

Kathy ClineAugust 19, 2009 03:59PM

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