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Field Prep Enterprise Gone

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November 10, 2008 05:11PM
Help! When I entered my Harvest operation and clicked record, I went into the Enterprise Statement to check and noticed that I have no enterprise listed for that particular field for Field Prep. I checked and the 08 Corn enterprise was closed but there is no listing for Field Prep. I had this problem once before several years ago and I think maybe they had me go in and reset something but I don't remember and of course I have been working all day and don't really want to lose everything I have been doing by reinstalling my backup if I can help it. Any ideas? I am running version 11.41 (I think) even though I have newer versions. I am going to update once I get all my harvest information entered and 07 Year End complete--sure don't want to switch if I have a glitch in my current information.

Also, after doing some more checking, I have 5 ended different field harvests that are not showing up with a Field Prep listing. As near as I can tell, all 5 harvests were entered in two or more parts such as 50 acres on one day in one field and then another 50 acre harvest on another day to complete the harvest. I never changed the "End Enterprise" to partial or anything on the first day's harvest; just changed it to "Yes" on the second or final harvest. Could this have anything to do with it?

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Field Prep Enterprise Gone

kcsmomNovember 10, 2008 05:11PM

Re: Field Prep Enterprise Gone

Kathy ClineNovember 11, 2008 09:16AM

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