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Re: Problem w/ Integration & Inventory #'s

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July 23, 2008 11:05AM
#1: You are correct that previous versions of Farm Stock did initiate the "Recording to Farm Fund$" when entering a Feeding-Birth-Death in the previous version 11. The Transfer did not. We do have these items on the List for corrections.

#2: I would start by going to the Inventory Tab. Select ALL for the Location box. Then Select one specific Group Name. I suspect that you may see several of your Animal ID as showing Unassigned for the Location. A common problem that I see for users, when using the Transfer Option it requires selecting the Location and Group. Even if the Animal Location is not changing but simply the Group. If you do not select the same or desired location, it will place the animals in the Unassigned Location. So when using a specific Location and Group search the animals are not displaying on the Inventory Tab. I will have to do some more checking as to why the Setup Tab would still show the animal in a location. If you do find animals in the Unassigned Location, it can be fixed by selecting all those animal IDs from the Inventory Tab and using the Transfer option again. This time select the correct Location and Group. If you are not using the Transfer option, please let me know, I will have to do more testing on this problem.

#3: Closing and Partial Closing of Enterprises were options in older versions. Since you have the capability of creating multiple Crop Enterprises for a field at the same time, there is no longer the need for Closing Enterprise, thus removed from the program in the X2 and higher. With the case of hay and multiple cuttings, most people are setting up separate commodities for each cutting. Example: Hay 1st cutting-Hay-2nd cutting and so on. If you do a second application of fertilizer or other operations, you can select the correct Crop Enterprise as well. When printing the Enterprise Statement for the yearly Profit/Loss you would simply select all 08 Hay cutting Enterprises for that one field. You will also have the option to print the individual Hay cutting Enterprsies. If there are inputs/expenses etc. that you wish to move from 1st cutting to 2nd (etc.) you can use the Accounting-Enterprises-Allocate Inputs. De-allocate (entering neg. qty or dollars for supplies, expenses etc.) from the Hay-1st cutting, and re-allocate (entering positive qty or dollars for supplies, expenses, etc.) to the desired Hay-2nd cutting, etc. We have on the "To Do" the option for Spliting Enterprises which would allow a portion of the original inputs to be split and merged to a different crop enterprise. This would eliminate the De-Allocation/Re-allocation process in the future. I do not have a time frame as to when this will be added.

Hope this helps!


Kathy Cline,
Trimble Ag Software Support
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Problem w/ Integration & Inventory #'s

hgorderJuly 22, 2008 05:39PM

Re: Problem w/ Integration & Inventory #'s

Kathy ClineJuly 23, 2008 11:05AM

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