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December 12, 1997 12:00AM
Enterprise Management:

When you change the enterprise listed in the farming dialog box the computer renames the current enterprise. All the actions done in the prior open enterprise are now under the new name. For example : if I have actions done in a field listed as Field Prep and then plant corn and change the enterprise to 97 Corn, the computer will list all the Field Prep actions in the 97 Corn enterprise.

However, if the previous enterprise had been closed, any new farming action will be in a new enterprise regardless of the name selected in the Farming dialog box. If the new enterprise has the same name as the previously ended one, you will have the same enterprise (97 Corn for example) listed twice for the field. The first 97 Corn will have all the farming actions done prior to the close, and the second 97 Corn will have the actions done after the close.

To avoid this problem you should go through enterprise maintenance to reopen the 97 Corn enterprise and close the current enterprise before doing the farming action you wish to be in the 97 Corn enterprise.

Jim, for your specific situation the Field Prep actions are in the second crop enterprise for the field. When you renamed that enterprise for next year%92s crop the field prep went under the new year%92s enterprise name.

About the problems you are having with field patterns, I am not sure from what you described what exactly is going on. If this problem continues please contact our support department by phone so that we may pinpoint the source of your problem.

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Enterprise management

Jim Hemminger December 10, 1997 12:00AM

Enterprise management

Phil Haynes December 12, 1997 12:00AM

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