If the problem exists both when you print the report to the printer as well as when it's displayed on the screen then my best bet is that it's a problem with your printer driver. The other possibility is that it relates to your display driver. The print driver can effect a report is displayed on the screen since the reports will always look at the settings for your printer (from the driver) so that they are displayed on the screen just as they will print. For example, if you were to set your printer (via Printer Setup on the File menu) to print landscape, you would see it displayed on the screen in landscape. What this means, is that if your printer driver has a problem then the report will also display improperly. As far as display drivers go, this is stretching it a bit, but we have found a few cases where problems with display drivers cause reports to print improperly with certain printers.

The best thing to do is to find your printer company (or video driver company) here on the internet and download the latest version of the driver.

Another possible problem could be the fonts that you're using. Check your Windows setup for fonts if all else fails.

Finally, have you always had this problem or did it just start? If the problem just started then what has happened to your computer between the time that the reports last printed properly and when they started having problems? Have you added any new hardware or software or have you been having problems? A lot of times adding a new printer or video card can result in having a bad driver. We find that quite often the printer and video card companies ship old drivers with the hardware that have problems. In these cases, downloading the latest driver (or calling the company and requesting a new driver) should fix the problem.

One last suggestion is to do a scandisk (or run Norton Disk Doctor) on your hard drive to check for corruption.

I hope this helps!

R. Scott Nusbaum CPA
Farm Works Software

Printing reports

Jim Hemminger April 10, 1997 12:00AM

Re: Printing reports

R. Scott Nusbaum - Farm Works Software April 11, 1997 12:00AM

Re: Printing reports

Jim Smithheisler June 01, 1997 12:00AM

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