March 21, 1997 12:00AM
%09I recently bought your Farm Track program to help me keep track of the placement and amount of fertilizer and chemicals added to my field. I wanted this information to help with crop rotation.
%09I had expected the output of the program to be map based. To be able to get a map of what input was applied to what fields and a relative amount for a given period of time. Also to be able to put several different inputs on a map at one time. I could then tell what fields had what herbicide in 1996, and how much was used on each field. This way if I have a question as to what was done I could print a graph like map to find the answers. I could also keep maps of the different inputs for each year. This would help in the crop rotation.

map based reports

barth davenport March 21, 1997 12:00AM

Re: map based reports

Scott Nusbaum - Farm Works Software March 22, 1997 12:00AM

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